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Hawkwood Populace - Order of Precedence by March

Active members and friends of the Barony are welcome to join our Google Group, Talon Talk.  Please, contact one of the officers on our Regnum page to add you.

Below are the names of the members of the Barony of Hawkwood who still live with Her borders, or Honorary Citizens, in Order of Precedence. 

Clicking on their name takes you to their official list of all awards on kingdom page found on the Atlantian Order of Precedence. (op.atlantia.sca.org)

Last Update: 5/23/2017

CoronetBaron Edward Godale
Baroness Gracia Slay
Royal PeersCountess Emma ny Reyly
Count Dietrich von Stroheim
PeersMaster Bran Trefonnen
Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill
Mistress Derbhiled ni Liadnain
Mistress Siobhán NicDhuinnshléibhe
Mistress Adeliza of Bristol
Mistress Deirdre Fletcher
Mistress Morwenna Trevethan

Orders of High Merit/

Grant of Arms

(please note that the honorific of "The Honorable Lord/Lady" is not encouraged to be used in Atlantia as it is a Victorian term, however many other Kingdoms use it for GoA level awards)

Baron Duncan Gregor MacGregor
Lord Eoghan Og Mac Labhrainn
Baron Thorgrimr inn kyrii
Baron Iskender Bey Al-Istanbuli
Baroness Eyrick MacGregor
Baroness Muriele of Aberdeen
Lord Ravenwulf the Arcane
Lady Theleia of Trebizond
Baron Robert "Saunooke" Thompson
Baroness Marryn Blackgroves
Lord Greylond Crow
Baron Ronan mac an Stalcair
Baron Julian Damiano Mandragora
Lord Tom Drumbuilder
Lady Lucrezia sarta di Napoli
Lord Etienne le Mons d'Anjou
Lord Roland Wodeman
Lady Adair of Makyswell
Lord Maxamillian Brudder
Lord Klaus Jager

Orders of Merit /

Award of Arms

Lord Michael Brangwyn
Lord William the Traveller
Lady Sigrid Wilhelm
Lord Anlaf Thurketilsson
Lord Alrekr der Drache
Lady Etain an Cenlis Mor
Lady Isolde Corby
Lord Ruslan of Hawkwood
Lady Fiona ni Chiardubhain
Lord Cormac of Hawkwood
Lady Raven of Hawkwood
Lady Alessandra Ruscello
Lord Halfdan bekkjarbrjótr
Lady Sesilia in heppna
Lord Ihone Munro
Lord Dante di Lucio della Luna
Lady Marlein Magdalena Weber von Rothenburg
Lord Ulieam MakWillie
Lady Elizabet de Roslyn
Lord Wilhelm von Brandenburg
Lady Avelina of the Wood
Lady Gisella du Coeur
Lord Melcher Lloyd of Hawkwood
Lady Theresa of Caid
Lady Jelyan de Coity
Lady Skyla Ena Mochrie
Lady Sorcha inghean mhic Dhubhghaill
Lord Marcellus of Hawkwood
Lord Septimus Marius Belisarius
Lord Earik MacSkellie
Lady Temair ingen Fhaelchon meic Domnaill
Lord Asmundr inn tryggvi
Lord Lucian Artz
Lady Heather Hrafnsdottir
Lord Fionn MacKonnell
Lady Zuzanna Mrva
Lord August Fluegel
Lord Gilbert de Châtillon
Lady Christiana de Haukworth
Lady Amelia of Hawkwood
Lady Elena Spycer
Lady Una Redfox
Lord Robert Leftehand of Weymouth
Lady Juliana Blackwood
Lord Arthur Jerrison
Lady Veronica Pasamonte
Lady Æsa gylðir
Lord Solomon Grey
Lord Gideon ap Stephen
Lady Mahala of Sully Cove
Lady Marguerite de Vienne
Lady Rose McDade
Lord Xavier da Corlione
Lady Artemisia Caterina da Corlione
Lord Vitus Corleonus
Lord Thomas de Haukworth
Lord Tiberius Aufidius Crispus
Lady Kira Lechuza
Lady Anneliese Jager
Lady Celina de Bellmer
Lady Darci of Hawkwood
Lord Dagr Bloodaxe
Lord Arias Velarde de Santillana del Mar
Lord Francisco de la Torre
Lord Airik Vatrhorn
Lord Gabriel James West
Lady Z'hena Solovyena
Kingdom Awardsm'lord Cory of Hawkwood
Hawkwood Fighting Unit
Baronial Awards

m'lady Rebecca ap Duncan
m'lady Joy Maroon
m'lord Jon de Candler
Hawkwood Regalia Committee
m'lord Thomas of Hawkwood
m'lady Yrmegard of Hawkwood
Good Company Choir
Portia de Sancto Lucianno
m'lord Evan of Hawkwood
m'lord Ysgrimir of Hawkwood
m'lord Kieran of Hawkwood
m'lady Rosalina Corleone
m'lady Freya of Stormwall
m'lady Arabella of Stormwall
m'lady Francheska of Stormwall
m'lady Temur Chono Okhin
m'lord Niko Corleone
m'lord Cade of Hawkwood

m'lady Alesia de Febvre
m'lord Brenden Almand
m'lord Drago di Fenis
m'lord Jareth Huntsman
m'lady Nea Almand
m'lady Solveig viss
m'lady Richikha Magdalena Dragonova
m'lady Teagan of Hawkwood
Updated 5/23/2017