Hawkwood Guard

The Hawkwood Guard Wants You!

The realm of Hawkwood is a beautiful land, enclosed by mountains, on the border of the Kingdom, ever ready to repel invaders. This is not dissimilar to the lands of the Swiss or other people of the Rhine, where the mountains provided protection from neighboring forces. From these lands came an elite group of guards who served in courts all over Europe and are still in use today.  As tribute to that tradition, we bring you: The Hawkwood Guard.

Our purpose is to serve our barony by providing security during Baronial court. There are times we will escort Their Excellencies to official engagements or may be tasked with guarding the Royalty or emissaries (at the behest of their Excellencies of course) when they are within our lands. 

In keeping with historic practices there are conditions which must be met before one may be considered for the Guard:
  • He or she must be a resident of Hawkwood. This is likened to the Swiss Guard, where non-Swiss are forbidden to join. 
  • Approaching their majesties armed requires one to be of the nobility, thus he or she must have an Award of Arms. 
  • He or she must be an authorized combatant in the disciplines of either Armored or Rapier Combat. It is the role of a guard to be able to defend by force those he or she is guarding. The duty of serving as guards in our society falls on the practitioners of these disciplines.
If you are interested in serving in our ranks, please contact Lord Klaus Jäger at: saintkylokiATgmail.com or 
Lord Gilbert de Châtillon at: gilbertdechatillonATgmail.com